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Partnering with PRAXIS Technology Escrow

Redi2 has trusted PRAXIS with their escrow needs since 2021. Learn more about how they use our escrow services and why they made the decision to switch to PRAXIS from their legacy vendor.

Comitted to a personal service

PRAXIS fully understands our role in supporting technology transactions. We work as your partner to both expedite your transaction and implement quality escrow solutions.

How Redi2 Uses Escrow

PRAXIS is the most flexible agent in the industry. From customizing your agreement to upgradeable packages, we have you covered.

Automated Escrow for the Agile World.

Direct connection to source code archives for automated escrow depositing.

PRAXIS’ PROFESSIONAL & ENTERPRISE service levels include automated escrow depositing services to ensure our clients have more updated escrow deposits as well as to remove the administrative burden of manually making escrow deposits.

PRAXIS’ clients using GitHub, BitBucket and many other similar code archiving systems can connect directly to their Digital Deposit account. This connection is easily established when our clients make their PRAXIS Digital Deposit account a “collaborator” within their code archiving system. PRAXIS’ engineers can assist with this at no additional cost.

Security with PRAXIS

At PRAXIS Technology Escrow, we ensure your software investment is secure and protected, for all parties involved.

Redi2's Experience with PRAXIS Escrow