Trade Secret Escrow

PRAXIS offers the right mix of agreement flexibility, quality protections and experience to help you get real value from your escrow agreement.

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Trade Secret Escrow

Anytime an organization is relying upon business critical intellectual property that is owned by another party a contingency plan may be prudent to ensure business continuity. A well-structured escrow agreement can protect the owner’s IP while providing the beneficiary with conditional access in certain, pre-negotiated circumstances.

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PRAXIS provides escrow services to support:

  • Patent license agreements
  • OEM agreements
  • Embedded technology agreements
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • Reseller agreements
  • Merger & acquisition activities
  • Litigation
Materials held in escrow for these types of transactions can vary widely from one transaction to the next. Examples:

  • Chemical formulas
  • Passwords
  • Recipes
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Client lists
  • Cash
  • Signed patent assignment documents
  • Designs
  • Drawings
  • Disputed materials
The circumstances under which the materials are released (AKA: Release Conditions) to the beneficiary vary widely and are often very customized to suit very specific circumstances. Examples:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Total cessation of business
  • Breach of support obligations
  • Failure to deliver
  • Price increases
  • Change in ownership