PRAXIS offers the right mix of agreement flexibility, quality protections and experience to help you get real value from your escrow agreement.

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noun | prax·is \ˈprak-səs\

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FLEXIBLE - Custom escrow agreements and flexible solutions that exceed your expectations.

PROTECTION - Best in class facilities and services to protect your technology.

GUARANTEED - Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


FLEXIBILITY - Escrow agreement templates should only be a starting place. Modifications and highly customized solutions should be encouraged so that each party can derive their desired protections. We encourage customizations and never charge customization fees!
PROTECTIONS - Technology, information and data are the lifeblood of your company and deserve only best in class.

EXPERIENCE - PRAXIS is uniquely structured like a consulting firm to ensure that our most experienced staff work directly with our clients. This experience benefits our clients directly as they establish escrow solutions that support their business strategy.
VALUE - PRAXIS offers uniquely designed escrow agreements that allow clients to consolidate virtually all existing, current and future escrow activity under one scalable master agreement. This approach reduces IP risk, reduces our clients’ administration costs and dramatically reduces escrow fees.

Please connect with our sales team at sales@praxisescrow.com.