SaaS Escrow

PRAXIS offers the right mix of agreement flexibility, quality protections and experience to help you get real value from your escrow agreement.

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What is SaaS Escrow?

Similar to technology or software escrow, SaaS escrow refers to the protection of critical software source code secured by an independent third-party escrow company. SaaS escrow services are vital to secure and protect business critical applications.

There are many economic and administrative advantages of SaaS application compared to on-premise applications. However, if you cannot access the data, the implications of extended downtime can severely jeopardize your future. No matter where your application is hosted, loss of functionality can be catastrophic for your business if you do not have access to your data.

At PRAXIS Technology Escrow, we have a full-range of SaaS escrow solutions to make your move to the cloud safe, secure, and protected.

Do I Need SaaS Escrow?

SaaS providers rely on PRAXIS Technology Escrow services to secure and protect source code, data, and documentation. Additionally, SaaS providers deem it effectual and proactive to offer SaaS escrow to further develop client integrity and trust.

At PRAXIS, we have decades of experience in escrow services, and we provide a full range of solutions to make your move to the cloud safe.

Our SaaS Escrow Services include:

  • SaaS Escrow Agreement Templates
  • Automated Source Code Escrow for Continual Updates
  • Data Escrow Provisions
  • Automated Data Backup Available
  • Transition Services
  • Collocation & Hot Site Solutions

  • PRAXIS Technology Escrow provides:

    • Automated Source Code Escrow - direct connectivity to GitHub, BitBucket and most other source code archival systems eliminates administration and dramatically improves source code escrow deposit quality.
    • Customizable and Upgradable Solutions - flexible source code escrow agreements and multiple service options that grow with you.
    • All-Inclusive Pricing - competitive fees with no surprises so you can budget with certainty.
    • Satisfaction guaranteed!
    PRAXIS provides flexible SaaS escrow solutions for all types of SaaS and private cloud (hosted) software applications. Our SaaS escrow services are designed to leverage today’s technology to support the way you work. We understand today’s technology trends and have designed solutions for software and SaaS application development types.

    PRAXIS supports both types of development methodology:

    1. Waterfall Development - major versioning with new functionality released on specified frequency.
    2. Agile Development - new functionality and releases added much more frequently, often weekly.

    Here are some key questions to ask yourself in planning your SaaS escrow service:

    • What is the impact to my business if a critical software vendor fails? Experiences extended downtime?
    • What is the impact to my business if a critical software vendor fails?
    • In addition to source code, what would I need to support the software without the vendor?
    • Who would help me support the software if my vendor fails?
    • Do I have ready access to a functional back up of my data?
    • What release conditions make sense for my situation?
    • How can I use the escrow deposit materials?

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