Software Escrow

When it comes to software escrow, you need a flexible & secure solution.

PRAXIS' Clients

With nearly 20 years of solution-driven experience, our team is committed to personal service with organizations of all sizes. At PRAXIS Technology Escrow, we ensure your software investment is secure and protected, for all parties involved. When the details matter, the professionals turn to PRAXIS for all their software escrow needs.

Protecting What Matters Most

Technology and software escrow is a service that protects all parties involved in a software license agreement. A neutral third-party, referred to as a software escrow agent, is necessary to ensure that your source code, data, and documentation is completely secure until a mutually-agreed upon result occurs.

Our Software Escrow Services

At Praxis Technology Escrow, we are an independent third-party that protects your technology data and source code. We provide solutions for software escrow, source code escrow, SaaS escrow, technology escrow, trade secret escrow, and automated escrow. In addition, our software escrow services are essential for end-users, attorneys, and software companies involved in software license agreements. Technology escrow services is an important component of business critical technology transactions, such as enterprise software licenses, SaaS agreements and technology partnerships. A well-structured escrow agreement provides technology companies and end users with:

  • Technology protection
  • Business continuity
  • Flexible solutions

That’s where PRAXIS comes in. With nearly 20 years of experience serving this industry, you get the peace of mind. We are just as dedicated to IP protection as you are. The entire PRAXIS experience is designed to address needs from end to end, with customizable agreements, dedicated customer service, and best in class protections. Our goal is to allow businesses to effectively conduct all technology-related transactions while knowing that their future is secure.

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