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About this series: The software / SaaS  and technology escrow industry is unregulated but many states, industry organizations and corporations have implemented software escrow requirements to protect their investment in business critical software and SaaS applications. In this series of articles we will explore the different approaches taken to require escrow and discuss the challenges of ensuring compliance.

The security and reliability of voting systems are fundamental to the democratic process. In Ohio, as in many other states, strict regulations are in place to certify voting systems, and these regulations include crucial provisions related to software escrow. These requirements are designed to safeguard the integrity of voting systems and ensure that essential software components remain accessible and secure.

Ohio’s voting systems certification process mandates that any voting system seeking approval must adhere to stringent software escrow requirements. This means that the source code and software components critical to the functioning of the voting system must be deposited into escrow with a trusted third party. This step is essential because it guarantees that in the event of unforeseen issues or disputes with the voting system provider, the state retains access to the software source code. This ensures that the voting system can be maintained, updated, or audited independently, safeguarding the accuracy and reliability of election results.

The escrow process typically involves selecting an independent escrow agent acceptable to both the voting system provider and the state of Ohio. This agent holds the source code and software in trust and releases it under specific conditions outlined in the escrow agreement. These conditions often include vendor default, financial instability, or other circumstances that might jeopardize the continued operation of the voting system.

One of the primary advantages of Ohio’s software escrow requirements for voting systems is the assurance it provides to both election officials and voters. By ensuring access to the source code, Ohio can conduct thorough audits and maintain the security of the voting process. This transparency is crucial in building public trust in the electoral system, demonstrating the state’s commitment to fair and secure elections.

Summary: Ohio’s software escrow requirements for voting systems certification play a pivotal role in upholding the integrity of the state’s elections. These requirements underscore the importance of transparency, accountability, and the ability to maintain and verify the accuracy of voting systems. By adhering to these regulations, Ohio reinforces its dedication to free and fair elections, assuring citizens that their voices will be accurately and securely counted in the democratic process.

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