10 tips to drive the greatest value from today’s escrow solutions

A seasoned technology attorney understands the importance of employing technology escrow services to ensure that a business client that relies on critical software has these added protections. Virginia Fournier walks through the key steps. Ever wonder how much you can save on automated escrow solutions? Check our calculator or read the article.

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How to Bolster your Source Code Escrow Protection as written and published by Virginia Fournier Virginia is an experienced CIPP/US certified privacy attorney, and specializes in compliance with state, federal and international data privacy laws, including but not limited to CCPA/CPRA and GDPR. Virginia has a wealth of experience with product development support; standards participation and development; intellectual property and technology licensing law; software and open source licenses; SaaS and cloud transactions; IP in M&A transactions; legal business partnering; pragmatic problem solving; drafting and negotiating complex technology licensing agreements; managing difficult legal relationships; drafting playbooks and templates; and trademark and marketing law.

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