Automated Software Escrow for the Agile World

One of the things we at PRAXIS strive to do is always stay ahead of the curve.

The need for software escrow has changed over the years with the emergence of agile development practices and the adoption of software as a service for enterprise users. Despite these massive trends, the capability of escrow solutions were slow to evolve alongside the workflow of the modern day developer.

We live in a world of automation.  The simpler, the better. Especially when it comes to mission critical information. That’s where we stepped in.

The entire idea of automating the software escrow depositing process came from the desire to provide the first agile escrow solution for an increasingly fluid software development world.

We wanted to make sure our (then future) clients had reliably up-to-date escrow deposits and remove the unnecessary burden of making manual deposits, by setting up the first ever automated escrow depositing solution in 2016.

The way we do it is simple: We connect the Escrow Deposit account directly to the Depositor’s source code archival system (i.e. GitHub, BitBucket, TFS & etc.). Typically, this takes 15-20 minutes depending on how many repositories we’re setting up and comes included in our one-time setup costs. Once connected, we monitor the connection as well as the backups to maintain the connection.

Obviously, if you’re storing valued IP, you want it to be secure. Our solution relies upon the same security the Depositor is already using in their code archival system. No third-party tools are needed to make the connection. The Depositor determines what repositories need to be shared and then establishes the frequency of the backup.

Once connected, we sweep weekly (by default) for changes in the archive to ensure continuity. We think anyone would agree that 52 updates a year is vastly superior to the industry average of 2.3 times a year. Plus, we store all versions of the backup in redundant data centers. We even have data centers in countries across the globe, so if you have a specific need, just let one of our Account Executives know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Are you ready to embrace automation and streamline your software escrow solution?


What repositories can connect?
We have yet to come across a repository we were not able to connect to. Primarily, our clients have utilized the services of Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket and Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) repositories.

Is your connection to the repository secure?
Yes. All connections are made using a secure protocol and data is encrypted while in motion between the repository and our archive servers.

Do I have access to older backups?
Yes. All electronic deposits are stored in a virtualized environment which is both replicated and backed up regularly.

Does PRAXIS have write access to our repositories?
Nope! We don’t need write access and none of our automated processes write data back to repositories. In fact, if your repository service supports the option, you may set PRAXIS to have read-only access.

Does your connection require additional licenses?
None so far. No additional licenses have been required for a single repository connected via SSH. If there are multiple repositories or special permissions are required, an additional user account may be needed.

What information is needed to get the initial connection set up?
Once you’ve created an account with us, we’ll schedule a phone call with you and our engineers to set up the connections. We just need to know what online repository will we be connecting to and how many repositories will be deposited. Typically each connection takes about 15-20 minutes.

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